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Monday, July 31, 2006

19 de Julio

During an attempt to burn lots of music from a guy that works at a radio station, never turn down free music, I lost my fotos of the celebration in the Plaza for the 19th of July.
The pictures consisted basically of masses of people and thousands of red and black flags that represent the Sandinista party. The red represents freedom and the black represents death. The red is always on top. These flags are present throughout Nicaragua. It is not uncommon to see the Sandinista flag rising up out of a mass of green trees or above a little wooden shack.
The 19 of July is the celebration of the Sandista Revolution that happened in 1979 putting an end to the dictatorship of Somoza which had reigned since the 30s. Unfortunately, the fighting did not stop after the revolution and the continuing fighting made it difficult and basically impossible for the Sandinista govt. to make good on all that they had promised the people.
The United States, Reagen Administration, was not in accord with the Socialist form of govt. the Sandinistas were aiming for and in the name of fighting communism began illegally selling arms to Iran in order to fund the Contras,rebel groups that fought against the Sandinista govt. (Remember the whole Iran-Contra scandel...these were the Contras...rebel fighters from Honduras and Costa Rica)
The US did even more to destabilize the Sandinista govt. than start a war, they implemented an economic blocqueade on Nicaragua which paralyzed the countries development and created a state of emergency, people were forced to stand in food lines etc. As a result of this, many people have negative views of the Sandinista govt.
The Contras lasted began in 1981 and last until 1990 when the Sandinista party lost the elections.
Despite losing the election, they still seem to be the party of the 'people' and in smaller towns the Sandinista flags fly high.
The same man, Daniel Ortega, is still the party head and is running for office in the upcoming Pres. election in November.


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