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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

4 de Julio

The fourth of July happened recently...actually almost 2 weeks ago. My how time flies. I had a little gathering at my house. I turned out to be quite eclectic! I inivited a japanese girl I met at the beach, Nana. She is working for the Japanese embassy here in Managua. She is very nice. She invited some of her friends and they ended up comprising the majority of the guests at the party. They consisted of a couple other Japanese folks, a Korean man, a girl who is half Columbian and half Japanese and a couple Americans. My guests were the Stanford med student and some people from Nicaragua, the computer tech man from work and his side kick and my neighbors.

It is funny how stereotypes play themselves out sometimes. That is exactly how it happened at the party. The man from Korea was hilarious. He is pretty new at learning spanish and would just say the funniest things. He is recently married and kept referring to his wife as 'Senorita Oh' but would really draw out the 'Oh' giving it a very suggestive sound. I am not sure if I was the only one who heard it in this manner but I think not because most people would give a little giggle when he would talk about her.
Additionally, the americans were somewhat obnoxious. Talking in loud voices, in English when it was clear that Spanish was the common language and it would have been polite to those present who did not speak English to speak in Spanish. Especially because they were talking about Chiquitin, the neighbors dog. The neighbors were also present and I could tell they were a little concerned and feeling defensive about their dog.
The Nicaraguan's that were present were telling jokes the whole time...although many were complicated enough that it was a challenge for some of us to understand....there was one really great joke that I will try to remember to tell later on. But for is Chiqui


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