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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Oh yeah...ovitrampas

Not that I have forgotten about them – I just feel like I have been getting swept away by trying to understand the culture and lifestyle and mentality of Nicaragua.
All 10 barrios now have ovitraps installed and are making changes and adapting it to better fit their needs. Some barrios are really enjoying the project while others, I think, will stop once I leave.
We have finally come to a conclusion on the type of data sheet to use to keep a record of all the details…only 2 months in the making. It is still up for debate, the proper location, style and materials. But I believe these will change where ever you are.
I have been working on a paper to describe the development of this project. It is a very different style of writing because it is not just scientific but also from the aspect of the development of the ovitrap and the process of how decisions were made and conclusions reached. It is easy to get side-tracked in the technical aspects of it and lose sight of the main purpose, which is to describe how the communities approached and responded to the project. That incorporated with the fact that I am writing this in Spanish and that my style and choice of words is not quite the same as a native speaker makes the task doubly difficult.
Starting on Monday, CIET is going to be going through an evaluation. The whole organization and all the communities are going to be taking part in this and have been preparing and working over time for the last couple of weeks. It is exciting to see the communities getting so excited about someone coming to visit and preparing and planning to the point of arguing about which barrios will get to be visited. Additionally, the last day will be a cultural event in which they are able to perform for the evaluator. That should be really exciting and I am really looking forward to it.


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